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by Ty McDowell, on Thursday September 24, 2015

Parents have access to decision-making details from their mobile device. Brian Foster at Stars & Stripes Kids Activity Center noticed that most of his parents are last minute shoppers. Having a tool at their disposal, like a mobile app, gives parents exactly what they want: complete access to all the information they need to schedule […]

by Ty McDowell, on Thursday September 17, 2015

Scott Barron loves to see the added revenue that his mobile app is driving in enrollments – especially in special events. But he admits that the increased revenue was never his main goal in developing Barron’s app. “My goal with the app was to create a customer service tool that provided another way to communicate […]

by Ty McDowell, on Monday September 14, 2015

What App Metrics are Important and What Do They Mean? Some of the metrics that you may initially be curious about when you’ve launched your new app, may not be the ones that are really critical to identifying how your app is impacting your business.You may wonder how many times the app has been downloaded […]

by Ty McDowell, on Wednesday September 2, 2015

Did you know that 70% of all online traffic now takes place via mobile devices? Your facility’s parents are probably wishing that they could do all of their business with you with just a tap on their iPhone or Android device. Being mobile friendly is something that is becoming more and more preferred and expected […]