Our goal is to make the process of getting mobile as simple as possible for our customers. To achieve this we have developed a process that puts the workload on us and leaves you to do what you do best. Run your business!


  • Go to the pricing page and fill out the signup form.
  • We'll send you a Welcome email (check your spam) to verify your account and get you logged in to your dashboard.
  • You'll be taken to an app setup page to get the process started.
  • Pay your development fee.
  • Schedule your online app consultation.

Initial Setup

  • During your app consultation (Zoom call), we''ll guide you through setting up your Apple developer account.
  • We'll show you how to upload your logo and provide a few minor items that are needed for the app development.
  • Once we have your logo, we'll submit proofs to review online.
  • Once you have approved your proofs, we put you in our queue for app content.

Sit Back & Relax!

  • We'll use your website as a base for the app content.
  • If we aren't sure about something, we will reach out to you. That is rare!
  • We submit your app to Apple & Google.
  • Once approved, we send out an email to setup training and an opportunity to setup your takeoff call.


During your takeoff call, we'll make sure you are comfortable with managing your app going forward. You manage the content and we manage the techie stuff going forward.

Have More Questions? Visit Our FAQ