Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the process for getting an app? Do I have time to do this?

Our process is built on letting you do what you do best. Running your business! View our process here.

How long does it take until I get my app?

2 - 4 weeks on average.

What platforms will my app be on?

iOS (Apple) and Android

Once I have the app, how do I make any changes?

You can login to your app dashboard and change content there. You will get trained on how to use the dashboard and it is simple to use. We use the same product you will be using.

How long does it take my changes to get to the app?


When do you start charging the monthly service fee?

Once we have released your content to the app and have notified you.

Is there a contract term? Can I cancel at anytime?

No contract term. You are welcome to cancel at anytime.

Push Notifications

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are branded messages tied to your app that are prominently displayed to your users and can easily be dismissed. With our app, you can define what happens when someone clicks on the notification. For example, you could send a notification about an upcoming Parents' Night Out and have the notification take users to a Parents' Night Out page in the app where they can quickly enroll.

How is a push notification different than a text?

A text is a personal message where promotional content is not welcome. A push notification is a branded message with a call to action. Some examples of a call to action are enrollment, viewing more descriptive content, viewing a team calendar, or getting directions. Notifications can be used for promotions, good-will messages, weather related closings, team updates, and much more. Push notifications have become the most effective way of communicating with your customers. More effective than email, printed flyers, and texts.

How difficult is it to send a push notification?

Not at all. Login to your dashboard, type your message, select a call to action (if any), click send. You can even send a push from your mobile phone.

Parent Portal Integration

Which systems do you integrate with?

Jackrabbit, Dance Studio Pro, Studio Director & Akada.

If my app has the parent portal integration does that mean it is all mobile friendly?


Can parents make payments like they can in the parent portal?


Does the app utilize the settings I already have setup?

Yes. You won't have to re-enter data for the app to integrate with your registration system.