by Ty McDowell, on Thursday June 15, 2017

If you talk to anyone in the marketing profession, it won’t take long for the phrase competitive advantage to come up. That is because identifying and leveraging your competitive advantage is critical to successful marketing. Competitive advantage is likely to be the factor that wins a company business.

Your competitive advantage gives you an edge over your rivals. You’re able to provide a greater value to your customers and if the greater value you provide is one that you can provide long term, you will have created a competitive advantage that is very difficult for your competitors to neutralize.

In identifying your competitive advantage, look at how you compare with rivals. Do you offer a better price? Do you offer more for the same price? Do your customers get a better value for what they pay? Next look at how you’re different. What about your customers’ experience with you sets you apart from your rivals? What do you provide that is superior to what your rivals provide? In other words, how to you differentiate yourself?

If you all provide a similar selection of classes of similar sizes offered at similar times that are taught by instructors with similar expertise, how can you create a competitive advantage?

Creating competitive advantage can be accomplished in several ways that include:

  • Innovating
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Doing something outside of your comfort zone

The surprise for you may be that this doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or time-consuming.

You simply create a custom mobile app for your organization.

Be Innovative, Creative and Bold

Don’t wait for the gym, studio or school down the street to release their mobile app to see if parents will use it. In doing so, you will hand competitive advantage over to them.


Take the lead in your area for providing your facility parents the most convenient tool for reaching you and all of the business they conduct with you. Show that you care about their busy life and time constraints enough to give them a mobile app. Be creative about what you offer to them through your app and how you offer it. Don’t be shy about trying something different, something new, something cool and – yes – something that will give you a competitive advantage.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Scott Barron at Barron Gymnastics believes that their mobile app absolutely sets them apart with superior services.


“By rolling out a mobile app, we elevated our services for parents and gave them conveniences in doing business with us that other children’s facilities weren’t providing.”

Stay Ahead of the Curve

John Kirk at Little Otter Swim School agrees that the mobile app gives his school’s two locations differentiation from the competition.

“The more ways that we can give our parents to communicate with us, the happier they are going to be. We can communicate critical business news, like closures due to weather or special events or times that they need to be aware of. This is definitely a way that we can stay ahead of the curve.”


Incorporate the Cool Factor

Technology adds a coolness factor that no other improvement can touch.

According to J Orkowski at Gymfinity, “Our mobile app put our gym in the leadership position with his tech savvy parents and their tech savvy friends in the community.”

Mardi Obray at Peak Kids credits the mobile app with her gym’s cooler status.

“We believe that our mobile app has enhanced our business by delivering distinction between our center others offering similar services.”

When you find technology that transforms the convenience level of doing business with you and makes parents’ lives easier, it becomes the factor that is your competitive advantage.