by Ty McDowell, on Tuesday May 16, 2017

Ahjalia Hall, one of the co-owners of Thrive Dance Center shares her delight with how the mobile app has enhanced their relationships with parents and students.

Thrive Dance Center was already using email blasts to parents when they created their app with Mobile Inventor. They didn’t realize how much the app would change their business-customer communications.

Keeping Parents and Students in the Know

It’s pretty standard practice for organizations like Thrive Dance Center to communicate with parents especially when the details involve students. Traditionally, they’ve been the ones with the technology to receive information, and the ones transporting and paying for classes. But times are changing. Students of all ages have smartphones and Ahjalia has found that they are ecstatic about being on the receiving end of communications with her Center.  So Thrive Dance Center augmented their outreach strategy beyond emails and alerts to parents to include students through their mobile app.

Reaching out directly to the students shows them that they are important to you. Each time they see your icon on their home screen and receive a notice – they are reminded of you. Their happiness is important to their longevity as your student and a mobile app gives you the perfect way to reach them.

“We’ve had great success with reminders that are sent to our students. It works like a charm. They’re the ones who want to attend the classes and events so they are quick to deliver the information to their moms and dads.”

Satisfying the Need to Know ASAP

Today’s world has also created creatures that thirst for immediate knowledge. The app satisfies this thirst for both parents and students by pushing notifications to them about critical changes to classes. You can only do this via your mobile app. It’s more direct than email or texting and cannot be done from a simple website.

“You really help them out by saving them unnecessary trips to your studio.”

Keeping Your Info Up-to-Date

It’s quite simple. Your app will get more use if your information answers all of the questions your center’s parents and students have. Information must be complete and it must be up-to-date.

“How you use your app and the visibility benefits you gain from it has a lot to do with how current you keep your app and website information. If your App and Website are both always up to date customers get used to receiving a blast through their app, clicking directly on it, and having the appropriate screen open up, allowing them to immediately gain access to the information needed to enroll, register or sign up for upcoming events.”

Paying It Forward

Develop a future competitive edge through your students. It’s important to grow enrollment today but it’s also important to lay the groundwork for future customers by adding students to your communication strategy through your mobile app.

“The kids that we send notifications to are the customers of the future and they will undoubtedly prefer their smartphones to handle ALL of their tasks by the time they reach adulthood.”