by Ty McDowell, on Tuesday April 25, 2017

We asked this question, but we did it so we could tell you that your app requires only a minimal time commitment.Since your mobile app works seamlessly with your database management software, there is little about it to manage. What you might call management time is actually time spent watching your mobile app work

You may think that there is certain to be lots of management for such a powerful app. We can answer that by asking more questions.

Your mobile app helps take parents from their smartphones through your enrollment and payment processes without involving your staff – at all.

What about making changes to your app?

  • Changes you’d like to make to your mobile app’s content are done through your app’s dashboard. They’re quickly made and are immediately live.
  • Changes made to classes in your database management software are seen also immediately in your app – because of close compatibility and integration with two of the most popular systems – Jackrabbit and Studio Director. Functionality is seamless.
Content Management

What about using the app’s special features?

  • The app’s analytics can help you to use your mobile app in the ways that work best for your organization. These analytics are simple information to consider – not manage.
  • Push notifications are set up and launched in a few, very quick steps. All you need to do afterward is watch your responses come in.
  • Setting up QR codes for attendance is simple as pie. And once established, using QR codes provides great results. For example, attendance is suddenly automated with practically no staff intervention. Students walk in and flash their QR codes at the reader as they enter their class. Absences are immediately and directly recorded into your database management software.

What about your Mobile Inventor account details?

  • You need not even manage your payments to Mobile Inventor since we easily set them up as recurring charges to your on-file credit card.
  • If you need to change payment methods or details, it’s all available to you in the app’s dashboard – with a few keystrokes.
  • Details of charges can be reviewed anytime you have time – also by logging into the app’s dashboard.

The app practically manages itself.

Our customers spend very little time managing their mobile app, but lots of time tracking the enrollments and payments that it ushers in.

You’ll find that you need only invest a few hours per month managing your mobile app, but lots of time tracking the enrollments and payments that it ushers in. You’re likely to spend more time managing the additional things that can be done with the hours and hours of time the mobile app saves your staff!

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