by Ty McDowell, on Tuesday February 16, 2016

Mobile Inventor has partnered with class management experts Jackrabbit Technologies to combine their efforts in providing mobile apps to gymnastics and cheer centers, dance studios and swim schools. Mobile Inventor’s mobile apps with push notifications provide very effective marketing tools. Better than a text, a push notification is associated with a call to action.

It’s nonobtrusive and gives recipients the ability to make immediate decisions.  Mobile Inventor has included seamless integration with Jackrabbit’s online class management software in its mobile apps so that parents have a centralized place to quickly reach the most important details about their student’s classes.

Calendars, class schedules, registration links and bill pay options are accessible because of the integration of Jackrabbit’s data into the Mobile Inventor app.  The apps also opens up access to such items as the facility’s video and photo libraries and pro shops.

Clients using Mobile Inventor’s app have realized increased enrollments and better class attendance and these improvements increase revenue. And a bonus is that offering such a convenient format for making enrollment and payment decisions speeds up these key parental decisions, processes and cash flow.

There are many benefits made possible by this partnership:

  • Becoming a technology trendsetter in your marketplace.
  • Opening a window into your organization for parents and improving customer service.
  • Amping up professionalism and reducing load on your front office.
  • Growing new enrollments and improve retention by offering convenient options.
  • Increasing mobile-device-produced traffic to parent portal.
  • Adding an avenue for customer interaction.
  • Creating time savings for staff in managing parent-related processes.
  • Streamlining operational processes.
  • Accessing all key data for managing student’s relationship with facility.
  • Establishing competitive differentiation.
  • Promoting branding that stays with the parent.

The resulting mobile app is a convenience that parents want – and may demand – that facilities provide. Offering a mobile app as an option has proved its value to organizations and to parents.

Mobile app successes:

Example #1

Using the push notification feature in their mobile app to promote special events during the past year, one children’s activity center has noted a 4.5% increase in the revenue associated with these special events. That is an impressive boost!

Example #2

Because of the ability to promote events at a moment’s notice, another children’s activity center has been able to push events with lower numbers up the scale to higher attendance.

Example #3

Parents are invested in the centers when their children are involved. Having a convenient way to communicate and be communicated with is expected. The mobile app is the perfect way to provide direct and immediate access for both parties.

Example #4

It’s easy to use a mobile app to let parents know what is going on in a children’s activity center and it’s a bonus for them. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out too late about a cancellation.  Unread email messages in Inboxes are useless for such information while push notifications are delivered directly as messages on parents’ devices – getting the news out very effectively.

Example #5

The mobile app is simply another way that children’s activity centers can offer their exceptional services to families and enhance the experience that parents have with them.