by Ty McDowell, on Tuesday December 15, 2015

Jerit Pogue of Athletic & Performance Arts was the development resource, beta tester, and first customer to use Mobile Inventor’s custom mobile app. When Jerit Pogue began talking to his friend (and Mobile Inventor co-founder) Ty McDowell about the mobile apps he was creating for organizations like gyms, dance studios and swim schools, he wanted to be involved.

“This is a fantastic idea. Our organizations need to reach out to parents with conveniences in every possible way. Why every parent may not now use a mobile app – many are thrilled at the possibilities of having one to use.”

When Ty saw Jerit’s enthusiasm for the app, he immediately enlisted him for his expertise and knowledge of parental preferences. Does it do what you need for it to do?

That was the question that Ty posed to Jerit after he had turned one of the development revs over to Jerit for testing. After all, this was the critical question that would help Mobile Inventor create an app that parents would adopt and use.

“Jerit’s input was critical to our being able to make the app appropriate and intuitive for use by parents of our Activity Center students,” notes Ty.

With Jerit’s help, Mobile Inventor learned such data as:

  • The specific actions that parents want to be able to do at the spur of the moment.
  • The types of devices most used by children facility parents.
  • Frustrations and challenges that parents face in doing business with children’s activity centers.
  • Nuances that were observed when parents were in the activity center environment.

Adding the Right Features

Without Jerit’s input, Ty wouldn’t have been so sure that adding a convenience feature like using QR codes for recording attendance was viable.

“It’s another convenience feature. It helps the front office to be more efficient and to automate the way they record attendance in their class management software,” notes Jerit. “It’s a powerful option that facilities with large numbers of students will want to use. And it’s one of the more leading edge technologies that people are using for lots of things.”

Jerit was instrumental in helping Mobile Inventor tweak this feature. He put quite a commitment in effort in on testing and provided incredibly detailed input that made it straightforward to make the product tweaks.

“Our user-ready product was amazing as we released it as an option to all clients. Sometimes products miss the mark, but out QR code piece was spot on – and largely due to Jerit’s input,” says Ty.

From the Client Perspective

Jerit’s experience – beyond his development input – is as a client. Jerit owns Athletic & Performance Arts and has offered his custom mobile app to his parents with great success. With his roll out of QR Codes for Attendance, Jerit has been able to add to his valuable convenience options that make his facility’s parents very happy.

What makes Jerit happy is the how Mobile Inventor nurtures its clients.

Mobile Inventor is:

  • Reachable
  • Approachable
  • Responsive
  • Informative
  • Helpful

“Basically, the people who can answer your question or fix your issue are the ones you deal with. You don’t have to ‘go through’ anyone in attempting to make you needs known,” comments Jerit. “Of course, that is one of the beauties of working with a lean team. But everyone at Mobile Inventor is genuinely committed to helping their clients offer the best possible product to their parents. Anything short of that just isn’t acceptable to them.”

“My experience is indicative of the experience of every user,” he adds.” I don’t get preferential customer service because I helped out. I’ve seen the way they treat other clients and it mirrors my own. ”