by Ty McDowell, on Wednesday October 14, 2015

Using punch cards is even easier when incorporated into your mobile app.

punch card_activate

Mobile Inventor’s punch card feature allows gyms and studios to debit prepaid accounts for events or classes. When your staff clicks on the student’s smartphone it punches their card and allows them entry into the correlating event or class, immediately debits the associated account and gives the balance of entries left.

  • Create and manage punch cards using your mobile app dashboard so your facility’s parents can see their cards in your app on their smartphone.
  • Punching a card can be done by you or the parent from the dashboard or the mobile app.

Starting to use this feature is simple. It just takes logging in to your dashboard and clicking Punch Cards.

– Create a punch card

punch card1

-Add punch card users

punch card2

-Punch a card from the dashboard

punch card3

-Automatically send activation email to each new sign up.

It’s easy for parents too. They can activate, view, and punch cards from your mobile app on their device.


The punch card is easy for parents to view and punch from your mobile app on their device.

punch card_buy10