by Ty McDowell, on Monday July 20, 2015

Mobile App push notifications can do amazing things for your gym. There is huge payback for very little effort. How important can push notifications be to your staff and your parents?

ASI Gymnastics shared a great example.

ASI is located in Texas. If you’ve been paying attention to national weather, this tells you that they’ve endured some relentless weather that has resulted in severe flooding. This had quite an impact on ASI’s facility and their need to use push notifications to keep parents updated with weather-related closings.

In February and March alone, ASI had to send out five weather closings. The simple fact that this method practically eliminates the need for making call after call after call to parents makes it worth using. Hours of dialing combined with the average success rate of actually reaching each parents makes it even easier to ditch the old method for the new.

Remember that when you use push notifications you’re sending a message that you need for your targets to know immediately.

The mobile app works well for this type information because:

  • It exists on the device that parents have with them every moment.
  • It alerts parents when it arrives on the device.
  • It is information that parents view as critical so they will always look at push notifications.

You can take advantage of these facts but don’t abuse them or your notifications will lose their sense of urgency and along with it – their effectiveness.

What type content can you include and maintain the integrity of your alerts? Without question, you can send facility closings and class cancellations. You can send holiday hours and closings. Your gym’s parents would greatly appreciate deadline reminders and special offers. One thing that may help you “qualify” your notifications is their timeliness. Make sure that your push notifications are time sensitive or you may just be wasting your effort.


Being able to notify parents with immediacy keeps them happy. Their level of elation with your services may even soar because you’ve chosen to use the best possible method to get important information to them.

Push notifications give you accuracy, speed and reasonably “ensured” deliverability. They inspire peace of mind that you’ve reached everyone and confidence that your parents are happy about being totally in the loop.

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