Little Otter

Puts everything parents need at their fingertips via mobile technology.

Little Otter Swim School provides an alternative to “typical” kids swimming lessons through small group instruction where parents can watch their children’s progress.

5-phone-stacked-Little-Otter (2)CLASS INFORMATION Class listings are offered in real time, searchable by time, day and skill level, so parents can see what is offered and what is available for their children from the convenience of any mobile device.

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES Special activities are shared via mobile devices so parents know all possible options available to them and to their children.

MAKE-UP REQUESTS Sending class make-up requests is simple for parents directly from the convenience of their mobile devices.

FACILITY STATUS Alerting parents to critical changes, facility information and holiday details is quick and easy via their mobile devices. This is the quickest possibly delivery method for receiving up-to-the-minute school news.

The Little Otter Swim School app contains class information, family swim registration, class make-up requests, and makes it easy to contact us.