King’s Swim

Provides parents with the conveniences of managing and understanding their child’s swimming activities and progress on the mobile devices they have with them all the time.

King’s Swim Academy offers high quality swim lessons in a family friendly environment.

Kings_5PhoneStackCLASS INFORMATION Parents can search classes by time, day, location and skill level and can register or join a wait list with live, up-to-the-minute information.

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES Parents can know about and sign their children up for special events as soon as they are available. Practice dates are published as soon as they are determined.

REPORTING ABSENCES Absences can be quickly reported in just a few clicks from a mobile device so that lessons never go un-used and the child remains eligible for make-ups.

MAKE-UP REQUEST Just as quick and easy as reporting absences, parents can request make-ups directly from a mobile device.

PROMOTIONS Parents can register and transfer classes and stay up-to-date with the latest deals and promotions the swim academy is offering.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Parents can be alerted immediately when critical information such as special announcements, pool closures, registration openings and deals is released.

The King’s Swim Academy app provides class information and enables parents to sign up for special events, complete absence forms make up request forms. The King’s Swim Academy app also makes it easier for parents to contact helpful office staff with any questions.