Perpetual Motion

Provides conveniences that make parents happy.

Perpetual Motion Fitness and Sports enhances the health, happiness, and confidence in children of all ages and abilities and to help them become successful, responsible, enthusiastic members of our community by offering a variety of classes, activities and services.


CLASS SCHEDULES Parents can search classes by program, level, day, and time and can register or put a child on a Wait List. The class information they see is always accurate and enrollment details up-to-date.

SPECIAL EVENTS & MORE! The app offers quick and easy registration to all of activities including Camp, Open Gym, and Parents’ Night Out.

FACILITY STATUS Parents who need to know if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, holidays will be notified via immediate notifications that alert them to critical news faster than any other possible method. Push notifications are available for closings, upcoming Camp days, registration openings, special announcements, and contests.

The Perpetual Motion app allows registration for all events including classes, special events and camps. Using the Perpetual Motion calendar, Team stat tracker, social media links, and contact information, parents have access to Perpetual Motion’s full range of opportunities and resources.