Mobile Gym App Makes Doing Business with Gym Easier Than Ever Before

Lynn Ledford of Cal Elite Kids shares the benefits of Mobile Inventor’s quick and easy app creation process.

When Cal Elite Kids pulled the trigger on the mobile gym app project, they had one concern: Customer usability. They believed that a mobile gym app that didn’t make it easier for customers to do business wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Connected to Customers Wherever They Are

Lynn found that she had no reason to be concerned. The Mobile Inventor process helps ensure its appeal to customers and fit to each gym’s needs. For Cal Elite, the app is priceless for keeping the gym connected to customers electronically without the need for them to be at their computers.

“The only thing we had to do in the process was to give Mobile Inventor the structure we wanted. They did the rest. We were very comfortable with the process because Mobile Inventor did everything they said they were going to do.”


Usability Creates a Worthwhile Investment

The Cal Elite team was excited to begin work on a mobile gym app with Mobile Inventor because they had heard such great things from Scott Barron of Barron Gymnastics and Mardi Obray of Peak Kids who had shared that creating a mobile gym app was such a worthwhile investment. Mobile Inventor’s knowledge of their management software and integrating it into the app was critical because these features would definitely attract parents into the app and seal the deal on their regular use of it.

Directly from their smartphone, Cal Elite Kids’ customers can:

  • Schedule a makeup.
  • Easily access the Cal Elite Calendar – with maps and directions to team events.
  • Quickly and easily register for classes.
  • Receive notifications about upcoming camps, shows and special events.
  • Access Cal Elite social sites in one convenient spot including Cal Elite Photos, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube! Our families can share all the great things about Cal Elite while on the go.
  • Do all of these things on both Apple and Android Devices.

“We quickly saw that the app would make everything that our customers need available with a couple of quick taps. The straightforward and simple design of the app appealed to parents right away and we made sure that we made it visible and available to them to download to their smartphones.”

Voila! Your App is Here

For Cal Elite Kids, getting its mobile gym app was amazingly quick and easy – and efficient. The process, from start to finish, required a minimal commitment of time on their part. And it’s start-up and monthly costs are quite affordable. The process was actually fun because Mobile Inventor provided review versions along the way so concepts could be seen, tested and tweaked while ideas were still fresh.

“We enjoyed feeling like we were part of the development process, even though it really wasn’t much ‘work.’ We saw our app concept blossom into a real, working app before our eyes.”

Mobile Inventor sets itself apart by:

  • Professionally guiding customers through the development process
  • Sharing knowledge in layman’s terms instead of tech speak
  • Giving customers hands-on input by providing review versions early and often
  • Acting quickly to apply changes
  • Eliminating “work” from the app creation process for the customer

“Even with a website that is mobile friendly, we saw parents excitedly adopt our new app as the easiest way to do all the things they need to do with our gym.”

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