Mobile App Delivers Value to Gym and Its Parents

Parental elation and powerful differentiation result from ASI Gymnastics’ mobile app roll out.

After several years of wanting an app for their gym, ASI Gymnastics finally found the right partner to get the ideas they had developed onto the smartphones of its facility’s parents.

“Mobile Inventor was so flexible in working with us – from a functionality standpoint as well as from a branding perspective. We had already envisioned our app and we didn’t want to lose all of our efforts in creating that plan. Mobile Inventor was able to incorporate our existing ideas into their app platform with minimal change. It was a great moment to realize that something we had put substantial thought and effort into was finally going to be real!” Hannah Dworaczyk, Marketing Manager

Invaluable Insight

Mobile Inventor stepped up to the plate to provide ASI Gymnastics with details that helped them to make good decisions about their app.ASI_5PhoneStack

Mobile Inventor’s services ensure that clients:

  • Know the best practices are for using mobile apps.
  • Understand how mobile apps are used in their industry.
  • See their ideas incorporated into the technology that operates the app.
  • Have a clear vision of the process and what they can expect from it.
  • Are trained on the operation and management of their app.
  • Get rapid response during the development process and in ongoing app support.

“With the various enrollment filters ASI offers, we did not want to overwhelm our customers. Mobile Inventor understands the right formula for this. Their insight into what works best with parents was a guiding factor in helping us determine how our navigation process would work. This is one of the many advantages of working with a development team that is experienced in our industry.” Rachel Easen, IT Support

Mobile App of Gives Parents Easy Alternative

ASI Gymnastics’ app had immediate appeal to parents because of how easily they can do what they need to do with their gym. The portal that was parent’s only online option had some limitations, so offering them a smartphone friendly, less complex option made them very happy.

And the proof in the pudding is not just customer happiness. The app makes doing things like registering for activities really easy – so much so that the gym has had peaks in enrollments since rolling out the app. Take Open Gym for instance. Registration for this simple event previously took several minutes because it required parents to go to a browser, bring up the gym website, find the right page and then register. Now registering using the mobile app requires only a couple of taps.

“Mobile Inventor takes simplicity seriously in developing mobile apps. Our app puts parents in touch with what they need without waiting for pages to load.” Hannah Dworaczyk, Marketing Manager

Alerts Provide Best Direct Communication Method

Push Notifications put ASI Gymnastics’ important alerts directly in the pockets of parents. The ability to push information to mobile devices is good for everyone. This method of communication is superior to email, phone – even social media – because it reaches the parents directly and immediately on their smartphones. 

“Push notifications have become a major asset for us in Texas where the severe weather has forced us to close many facilities due to ice and flooding. In just February and March, we issued five weather-related notifications. The benefit of being able to alert our customers of such critical information with a push of a button has redefined our emergency closing procedure.” Rachel Easen, IT Support

Read more about ASI’s use of Push Notifications.

It’s About Value

ASI Gymnastics saw value in developing an app because it would:

  • Elate parents by giving them liberating ease and conveniences through mobile devices.
  • Establish the gym as the leader of the pack in innovation since few in Dallas have mobile app.
  • Building brand by staying in front of parents even when they aren’t using the app.