Mobile App Delivers Faster, Easier and Better to Parents

Simplicity offered to parents through smartphone technology gives PRO Swim Academy modern, high-end appeal.

Sara Batchelor is her key demographic so she completely understood what a mobile app offered by her swim school needed to be to assure that her school’s parents would adopt it.

“I know that if it isn’t faster and easier, it won’t be better for me. And that applies to almost everything. So faster, easier, better became my mantra as I considered what PRO Swim’s mobile app should be.” Sara Batchelor, Owner and Facility Manager

Making It Happen

The faster and easier applies to more than how Sara’s app works. She found Mobile Inventor to be incredibly easy to work with and responsive at a rate that is practically unheard of in her experience.

“When we articulate questions or issues, Mobile Inventor responds with answers not in days but – in most cases – minutes.  And when we’ve shared ideas on things we’d like the app to be able to do, we know they are working on it. It’s an amazing relationship. It helps to keep at least that part of our business stress-free.” Sara Batchelor, Owner and Facility Manager

Leading with Modern Options

Competitive advantage is one thing that mobile apps can deliver. PRO Swim sees its app as giving parents ease and convenience that other swim schools don’t provide. And that is priceless in a market where high-end options and personal services are valued.

The mobile app gives parents access to what they need more quickly than going to a website – even if that site is mobile friendly – and that is great for parents. But there are advantages for the swim school too. For example, the fact that the mobile app is on the device where parents do everything else keeps them engaged with the school. Just seeing the app icon may remind them of registration to refer you to their friend who is standing in the Starbucks line with them.

The mobile app’s flexibility allows PRO Swim to change up their look and their information to coincide with topics that are current with parents. This is a very simple way to maintain the personal touch that can be sacrificed in the name of technological innovation.


The mobile app allows PRO Swim to offer clients:

  • Leading edge technology options on their smartphones.
  • Personalized user experiences in a modern, high-end option.
  • Ease of use through simple taps into important tasks and processes.
  • Quick-to-complete processes that bypass browsers and annoying page loads.
  • Easy ways to obtain app through App Store and Google Play.

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

PRO Swim knew that promotion of their new amazing app was important so they set to work on a plan. About two months ahead of launch, Sara made sure that Mobile App information was included in the loops that run on their facility’s TVs. She used the same information promoting the app in her email newsletter that she distributed to everyone. These promotional messages directed parents to the website page dedicated to information about all of the apps features, benefits and download instructions.

A very ingenious way that Sara encouraged downloads was to offer booking make ups via the app. Of course, booking make-ups using the app is much quicker and easier for parents and is completely self-serve so it requires no attention from staff, so it’s a win-win!

Sara wasn’t above appealing to the adult sweet tooth – rewarding those who downloaded the app with free candy at the snack bar.

These two incentives have netted PRO Swim a 35%+ download rate for their app.

Proof in the Numbers

The area that has been the most telling for PRO Swim in gauging the potential for the app to improve processes is in requesting make-ups. This process is typically very time intensive for swim school staff. They spend lots of time on the phone with parents, which also means that parents are spending lots of time on the phone with the school.

Prior to App launch: 50% – 60% of front desk phone calls were for requesting make-ups

After App launch: 50% of all make-ups are booked online

Result: 30% reduction in make-up request calls through front desk

“We’re very pleased with the response to the app. Parents think it’s cool and fits right in with the quality we provide in high-end swimming lessons. At the end of the day, I had to be sure that we were staying true to my faster, easier, better mantra and giving our parents an app that would really appeal to what is important to them. And Mobile Inventor has helped us do that.”  Sara Batchelor, Owner and Facility Manager

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