Jet Kids

Offers a mobile app that gives parents instant access to JET’s critical information, opportunities, and accounts.

JET Kids Gymnastics offers a well-rounded fitness regimen to children of all ages and abilities.

JETKids_5PhoneStackCLASS SCHEDULES With live class lists available directly on their smartphones, parents can register children or put them on wait lists. Finding the best class is easy since listings are searchable by program, lev. day, and time.

FUN ACTIVITIES All of JET’s special activities are accessible on via smartphones, keeping parents in the know about all opportunities at the facility.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Parents can be alerted to important notifications in the quickest and most direct way possible.

The JET Kids Gymnastics app allows you to register for our programs, classes, parties and activities. The app also provides instant access to our JET Kids Gymnastics calendar, social media links and contact information.