Houston Swim Club Likes Offering Another Communication Option on Mobile Device

Mobile app opens direct line to parents.

Houston Swim Club’s Chris Fossan knows that maintaining open communication with his club’s parents is critical. Today’s parent uses many forms of communication to manage their own and their family’s daily lives. Whether they prefer email, texts or phone calls, they are all – almost without exception – communicating on their mobile devices. A mobile app offers several other communication options on their device of preference.

“Parents use their phones for everything. Our presence amongst their email, phone, messaging and social media icons on their screen opens up new and more direct communication methods that parents appreciate.”

Houston_3PhoneStackBlogBkgdEasy-to-Read Class Listings

One of the most important features that HSC offers via their mobile app is its class listings. It provides a way for parents to view what’s available in a format that is much easier to read and quicker to access than through HSC’s class management software’s parent portal.

“Parents love the mobile app’s class listings. They’re easy to read and maneuver so they can quickly find the class they want and pay for it in just a few clicks.”

Monthly Update and Emergency Pushes

Push notifications are a great way to have a direct line of communication with parents. And because the parents choose to get push notifications, there is no question about whether they want to receive information from you. HSC choses to send monthly updates as push notifications that link to a webpage of the month’s activities and updates. Any facility or class emergencies are also delivered via push notification. This ensures that parents are immediately alerted to the moment’s message.

“We feel that it’s important to limit our notifications to monthly updates and emergencies so that we never inundate parents with notices. Our parents have been very complimentary about the way we communicate so we feel like the way we’re using push notifications is effective.” 

Meeting Parents’ Expectations

“Our parents are invested in us. Having a convenient way to communicate and be communicated with is expected. The mobile app is the perfect way to provide direct and immediate access for them and for us.”

HSC’s relationships with its parents are relationships that both parties are invested in. That investment allows HSC to expect to be able to directly communicate with parents and parents expect for HSC to mainline them into HSC information and their accounts. With a mobile app, these expectations are simply met.

Part of a Larger Campaign

HSC didn’t do a solo roll out with their mobile app, but instead developed the app as a major component of a communications campaign that included a new website and social media. Their approach integrated their communication vehicles and offered options that more and more parents are choosing to use over traditional phone, email and mail.