Cal Elite Kids’ Roll-out Plan Helped to Inspire Use of its New Mobile App

Something that Lynn Ledford knew for sure was that their new mobile app was not going to just jump onto the smartphones of their parents. They were going to have to promote it. And the better their promotion job was, the higher the rate of adoption would be for the app. And the higher their return on investment in creating the app would be.

They decided to invest in the app promotion in order to make it successful using the following marketing activities:

  • Hanging 13 x 19 and 8.5 x 11 posters around the gym
  • Integrating a birthday party contest into the download process to incentivize parents
  • Handing out flyers from front desk announcing roll out of new app and birthday party contest
  • Updating the home page to announce mobile app roll out
  • Sending out emails announcing roll out of new app and birthday party contest

The birthday party was a great incentive for the download. The exposure that the contest created for the app was impressive and – even with the few who may have deleted the app after being entered into the contest – Lynn and the Cal Elite staff felt it successfully educated the majority of their gym’s parents about the new app. As the promotion plan matured Cal Elite has seen the app downloaded more than 1200 times. iPhones are definitely the preferred device among parents with almost 950 iOS device installations to just under 275 for Androids.


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